How Much Does it Cost to Have a Baby?

Are you and your spouse considering starting a family? If you’re like me then you are doing your due diligence prior to beginning this magical, lifelong journey that is parenthood.

I did a lot of research prior to us having our first baby and it was really hard to find any great info. My health insurance gave me an “estimate” based off my standard PPO or high deductible plan. My estimate was $3,000 for everything. But, it was a bit off…and we didn’t have any complications whatsoever.

Hospital and Delivery Cost to Have a Baby

I have made it a point to track all of our child care expenses for my Millennial personal finance readers. And now I finally have all of our medical bills back for the birth of my baby girl, so I can now post exactly how much it cost us to have her (delivery, hospital stay, anesthesia, and baby).




Net Total

Delivery $1,654.00 $581.88 $1,072.12
Lab Work $96.00 $91.97 $4.03
Hospital Stay $17,213.80 $14,561.79 $2,652.01
Anesthesia $6,176.00 $5,906.12 $269.88
Baby $4,288.56 $3,750.16 $538.40
Baby’s 1st Dr Check $300.00 $268.04 $31.96

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