Cost of Raising a Child: 4 Months In

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Baby?

My wife and I are first time parents and we are now four months into the “parenting” process. I made it a goal to track all of our child care expenses so I could truly report on the cost of raising a child. I invite all of my readers to follow along our journey as I diligently track all expenses involved in truly raising a child these days in middle class America.

Prior to us having a child I did some research and the consensus was that it costs roughly $14,000 per year to raise a child, which equates to roughly $240,000 (without college). Don’t get me started on how much college will cost for my child

How Much Does It Costs to Raise a Child?

We are four months in and thus far we have spent $1,707 on my daughter in total. We have lucked out and received a number of hand-me-down clothes and toys, as well as a ton of gifts and gift cards from our baby shower that are still holding us over comfortably. Albeit, we’re about out of gift cards now.

However, we do still receive coupons regularly from baby formula companies (Enfamil, Similac, etc.), as well as Walmart for substantial discounts. In fact, just a few days ago we received a coupon from Walmart for $20 towards their brand of formula called “Parent’s Choice”. Their tub of baby formula is huge (35 oz) and only costs $20, so its free with the coupon. It’s not a named brand like Enfamil or Similac, but even our pediatrician told us to simply use the cheaper one possible…because they are all the same and perfectly fine/healthy for our baby girl.

We also did a “diaper raffle” at our baby shower in January, where if you brought a pack of diapers you would be entered to win a prize. Luckily all prices were donated from others (wine, luggage, etc.). We received a ton of diapers and probably haven’t touched 50% of what we received. Lucky us, huh!?

Well our little girl is still growing slowly and at 4-month’s old is still in newborn diapers, so we actually had to go and buy a yet another small pack of newborn diapers from Target ($25) to hold us over until she reached size 1. We actually tried using our size 1 diapers for a week and they just didn’t hold anything…I’ll just leave it at that.

Like May, our expenses increased a great deal due to part-time child care. We now have two full months of child care expenses under our belt (May and June) and have spent a grand total of $880 on part-time (2 days per week) child care. We consider ourselves very lucky though, as we have a nanny who comes to our house two-days a week, a nanny our daughter loves, who really doesn’t costs us that much.

Cost to Raise a Child: 4 Months In (2017)

  • 1st month = $414
  • 2nd month = $105
  • 3rd month = $545
  • 4th month = $643
  • Since inception (March, 2017) = $1,707



Item Price
529 contribution $50
Child care $470
Bed rails $43
Headbands $20
Diapers $25
Formula $14
Bath wash $5
Blankets $16
Total $643

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