Cost to Raise a Child: April 2017

My wife and I are first time parents and we are now one month into the “parenting” process. I made it a goal to track all of our child care expenses so I could truly report on the cost of raising a child.

Prior to us having a child I did some research and the consensus was that it costs roughly $14,000 per year to raise a child, which equates to roughly $240,000 (without college). Don’t get me started on how much college will cost for my child

We are one month in and thus far we have spent $414 on my daughter in total. We have lucked out and received a number of hand-me-down clothes and toys, as well as a ton of gifts from our baby shower that are still holding us over well.

Since inception (March, 2017) = $414

March 2017
Item Price
Clothes $30
Wall art (name) $80
529 contribution $100
Hospital photos $70
Baby announcement $25
Vitamin D drops $9
Birth certificate $50
 529 contribution  $50
Total $414

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