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I love the quote, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” I live by this in my personal and professional life because I am a strong proponent of investing in yourself. You are your single greatest asset so you need to continue your education, whether that be formally via schooling or self-educating via reading and learning on your own. Obviously the latter is much more cost-effective but doesn’t look the same on a resume. That is your call.

If you are looking to educate yourself on topics like money, personal finance, wealth, and investing, I have some great Podcasts for you Millennials that pertain specifically to money and managing your finances.

I started getting into Podcast years ago and absolutely love them. I still enjoy reading the occasional non-fiction business, money or investing book before bed, but Podcasts are unbelievably convenient. I listen to them while I workout, run, walk my dogs, driving to work and while at work. I always have my phone on me so its very convenient to listen whenever and wherever. I strongly urge all my fellow Millennials to check out some of the below Podcasts on money and investing. They have been very beneficial to me and I believe they will to you as well…hence why I call these my best podcasts for Millennials.

Best Podcasts on Money for Millennials

The Dave Ramsey Show Podcast

This is my go-to daily podcast on money and personal finance. Dave Ramsey is probably the most well known “financial coach” out there. He is the one who got me going financially and got me and my family on a budget. He is self-referred to as “Get out of debt Dave” and he is really good at conveying a great plan at doing just that. With that said, I’m not a huge fan of his vague investment advice of all “growth” mutual funds. He’s actually just trying to get you to contact one of his local financial advisors, which isn’t a bad thing, but he does this because he gets a referral fee. I also think you can manage your investments on your own by listening to some of the below podcast in addition to The Dave Ramsey Show.

The Motley Fool Podcasts

There are several Motley Fool podcasts, but I especially love three of them; Money, Answers, and Rule Breaker Investing.

Motley Fool Money

The “Motley Fool Money” podcast is a weekly show released Friday morning. Motley Fool Money Podcast features a team of Motley Fool analysts to discuss the week’s top business and investing stories. They recap what has transpired in the market that week, which is very helpful for anyone looking for a greater understanding of the stock market. They also interview at least one prominent person on money and/or investing. They also discuss stocks on their radar. This Podcast is more for a general understanding of what is going down in the market.

Motley Fool Answers

On “Motley Fool Answers“, host Alison Southwick and personal finance expert Robert Brokamp “answer” your money questions weekly. Alison is a very fun, light-hearted host who helps lighten up personal finance expert Robert Brokamp, whom she refers to as “Bro”. He gives off the reserved banker personality but she helps lighten it up a lot, and keeps the dialogue fairly informal. The two challenge the conventional wisdom on life’s biggest financial issues to reveal what you really need to know to make smart money moves. This is one of my favorite Podcasts for Millennials on money right now.

Rule Breaker Investing

Last but not least from The Motley Fool is “Rule Breaker Investing“, hosted by co-founder David Gardner, who is a very well respected investing expert. Gardner has fantastic insight on all things related to money, investing, and the stock market. I truly respect his opinion and he always comes across as open-minded with his and others ideas on investing. My only knock on this podcast is that its more of a stock-picking investment strategy and I’m 100% an index fund investor. I don’t own any individual stocks at the moment and don’t intend to any time soon. I like the buy as much of the market as possible via an index fund at a really, really low expense ration. With that said, Gardner provides great insight on what is currently going on in the stock market, specifically with individual companies. All of this is very helpful nonetheless.

Sound Investing by Paul Merriman

Sound Investing, hosted by Paul Merriman, a financial educator and advisor. Merriman is a retired financial advisor who now seeks to educate common investors with best practices, for free. His articles are published weekly on MarketWatch and he is well know for being a very strong advocate for Small-Cap Value index funds and their long term buy-and-hold benefits. In 2008 Money Magazine voted Sound Investing as “Best Money Podcast”. I strongly agree…its a great weekly listen. His audio quality could be better, but now I’m just nitpicking.

Million Dollar Plan By Pete the Planner

This is perhaps my favorite personal finance podcast at the moment. Peter Dunn, (aka Pete the Planner) welcomes one person per episode on a quest to make them a millionaire. He digs deep into their financial life, fixes problems, and lays-out a detailed plan on how to accomplish their goals. Each guest is given their Million Dollar Day. The former comedian makes a seemingly boring topic, interesting and funny. Despite the fact Pete was a former comedian, his financial advice is no joke and worth taking seriously.

Better Off with Jill Schlesinger

The ‘Better Off’ podcast with Jill Schlesinger just began in early 2017, so she is new to my playlist but I really like her advice and opinions on personal finance, money management, investing, and retirement planning. She always takes one call each episode to walk someone through their finances and to help them out with a money question. Considering Jill is a CFP, I think her advice is extremely credible. And as always with the people calling in, they are usually the same money and personal finance question we all have and struggle with. Jill also interviews informative guests each week to discuss topical money matters. The show is sponsored by Betterment, so there is a heavy lean towards using their robo-advisor feature (hence the Podcast title ‘Better Off’). However, the push for Betterment is actually fairly soft and doesn’t bother me at all.

The Dough Roller Money Podcast

The Dough Roller Money Podcast is another fairly recent addition to my Podcast playlist collection. This podcast has been around for awhile though, but I just recently found out about it and like the subject matter. I think its another great “money” Podcast for Millennials to give a listen to. The premise is to help all listeners make the most of their money through interviews, finance news, and resources so you can take your personal finances and money planning to the next level.

Chris Hogan’s Retire Inspired

Chris Hogan is a Dave Ramsey personality and specifically speaks to retirement planning. He has been a guest on Dave Ramsey’s popular daily talk show for a while, and now has his own Podcast on retirement planning and research, which helps out everyone from the Millennial generation to Baby Boomers. I do like Chris Hogan’s subject matter and I actually feel like he caters his agenda to helping Millennials plan better for retirement so they can actually retire at a decent age. Hogan likes to say, “retirement isn’t an age; it’s a financial number!”. And he is so right. He helps you understand your retirement goals and what to actually strive for when investing and saving for retirement. Its not about your age, its about setting a goal amount and shooting for that. That number says you are financially free and financially independent, allowing you to work and stop working whenever. He lays out a great road-map to retirement and does so through various ways of telling a story to get a point across. Oh, and his voice is as deep as the night is long. Unbelievable. When he talks you simply listen. Chris Hogan’s Retired Inspired is another great money and retirement Podcast for Millennials.

How to Effectively Listen to Podcasts?

My secret tip to new Podcast users…take advantage of the ‘playback speed‘ option. You can obviously listen at regular “1x” speed, or you can slow it down to “.5x”, or speed it up to either “1.5x” or the fastest at “2x”. I don’t listen to any podcast at 1x. I only listen at either 1.5x or 2x speed so I can get through as many episodes as possible. Depending on the podcast and the host, the fastest I can go is 1.5, but some are possible at 2x.

Which Podcasts Are You Listening To?

I would love to hear from all my readers which podcasts they love to listening to, particularly those on money, investing, retirement and building wealth. Please comment below if you have a great podcast other Millennials should be listening to as well.

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